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Femiga defines fashion with unique designs and funky details, femiga has created a collection that is continuously pushing the envelope when it comes to hot fashion trends. “we believe fashion should be fun and refreshing”.
An ever changing entity that is consistently incorporating cultural and social traits in its designs”.
Created with top quality fabric and detailed craftsmanship. Femiga handbags are not shy on the shelves with aggressive and fashion forward design, Femiga aspires to take the world of handbags to a whole new level. This young and hyper creative design team use it to develop its unique and ground breaking collection.
You can find femiga collection in thousand of fine boutique shops through out the country, with our loyal customers. Pledging overwhelming support, femiga is on a venture to take on the new era of handbags.

Care &


A brand-new bag has its appeal,but there’s nothing better than the warm familiarity of one you’ve broken in and had for years-which is why we design our hand bags to last forever. But like any long-term love affair, a little TLC is required,so we asked out in-house fabric experts for advice.

Bag should not be allowed to get wet but if they do,they should be wiped with a dry cloth and allowed to dry naturally.

Keep your bags stored in places that are dry and clean when your not using them,ideally in the specially designed dust bag that came with your bag to help protect it.

If your bag get wet then never force-dry the bag by using heat. Do not place on radiators or use hair dryers,simply leave it in a place that is normal room temperature until it dries naturally.

Keep it out of hot temperatures, especially extreme heat. Heat exposure can cause the pigmented finish to bubble and to peel away.

Silica gel packets to absorb moisture from the atmosphere so the dryness can be prolonged.